Green building or Eco construction

Eco construction, also known as green building, is the future of construction. It refers to the creation, repair, remodelling or restoration of buildings with a view to achieving high-level performance in terms of sustainable development.

Mauritius rolls out its vision for a sustainable future

Mauritius has decided to put technology at the service of its quality of life by revitalising the environment to implement its three-pronged "work, life, leisure" concept. A smart electricity grid, Open Data, digital technology and innovation combine to pave the way for a new ecosystem of customised services.



Jacques Delpy

Architecte NJ Concept.

Jacques Delpy is a French DPLG (government qualified) Architect involved in large-scale projects, namely within the Jin Fei activity zone, north of Port Louis, and whose first discovery of the island was nothing more than just a happy coincidence…

Interview of an Architect with a lasting commitment to Mauritius.



"Green" building expert

Socotec MTS, the Mauritian subsidiary of Socotec Group headed by Philippe Guillet, aims to help property investors and operators prevent risks and improve performance throughout their projects' life cycle.


Philippe Guillet

Directeur Socotec.

 Ile Maurice  (230) 54 99 34 99

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