Permis de Résidence
Permis de Résidence
Permis de Résidence
Permis de Résidence

Why Invest & Expatriate in Mauritius after the Coronavirus outbreak?

Residence Permit Amendment

    Has this health crisis allowed you to ponder and you wish to have a change of life once it's all over? Investing in Mauritius may be the solution.

    The mildness of its taxation and its white sand beaches make Mauritius one of the best destinations for many investors.

    In times like these, we become aware of the value of life and time. Who would not dream of investing in the sun, near the ocean or by the sea, in a sound and secure environment, with political, economic and health stability?

    Mauritius has been praised for its handling of the COVID-19 crisis. With zero cases recorded since April 26, the health curfew has been lifted since May 31 and economic activities are resuming.

The motto of Mauritius is "quality above all", so what a better way than to start a new life in the tropics!

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