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Boost your wealth and business activity whilst taking advantage of the tax treaty and basking in the sun!

Mauritius is a low-tax jurisdiction. The Mauritius Revenue Authority (MRA) is the organisation tasked with collecting corporation tax, income tax and VAT.

Foreigners are eligible for a tax resident status as soon as they spend a minimum of 183 days in Mauritius. This corresponds to a stay of 6 months and a day (consecutive or accumulated over several stays during the calendar year).

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Robert Magnan

Avocat Fiscaliste, Paris.

Preparing to invest in Mauritius

Robert Magnan is a business lawyer with a perfectly sound knowledge of Mauritius, a country he visits regularly. It is thus quite naturally that providing guidance to French citizens wishing to invest in, or move to, Mauritius, has become one of his areas of expertise. But these decisions, he says must be well thought-out and carefully prepared....



Dr Ludovic C. Verbist

Fondateur Groupe AAMIL.

Dr Ludovic C. interviewed by Cap sur Maurice

A business lawyer and PhD in Economics, Ludovic C. Verbist created, more than twenty years ago, a trust company that helps and assists foreigners wishing to invest in Mauritius. The rapidly expanding luxury property market has seen AAMIL (Mauritius) limited establish itself as an extremely valuable partner for all prospective buyers of Mauritian property. And yet, Dr Verbist has no qualms about pointing out, with great insight, the weaknesses of a property boom that is still in its budding stages…

We need to reassure investors and be more rigorous


Ludovic C. Verbist

Working and living in Mauritius –

Residence permit

The economic growth experienced during recent years and an avowed ambition to become a high-income economy has led the Mauritian government to facilitate and encourage foreign talent, skills and investment expatriation to the country.

Recognised for its pleasant tropical climate, multiculturalism, hospitality, economy, attractive fiscal regime, political and social stability, competitive business environment and numerous investment opportunities, Mauritius is a prime working and living destination for foreigners.

Foreign nationals looking to work, live or retire to Mauritius may do so by way of a work permit, residence permit or permanent residence permit. They may also purchase property in Mauritius under prescribed conditions.